Park Assist incl. Park Pilot with OPS - Retrofit for VW Touran

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Park Assist incl. Park Pilot with OPS - Retrofit for VW Touran

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Existing equipment?:
  • Complet kit in order to retrofit an original Park Assist system including Park Pilot on the front and back of the vehicle for VW Touran
  • ONLY suitable for vehicle from 2011 model year
  • Detects parallel and bay parking spaces
  • Steers the vehicle into parking spaces automatically
  • Optical parking system OPS
  • Much better distance control through frequently acoustic sound as well as optical display on the head unit screen

Selectable options:

  • no PDC existing
  • PDC rear exists

Scope of delivery:

  • Wiring harness
  • Control unit
  • Sensors
  • Push button
  • Buzzer


  • only for vehicles with PR-No.: 9Q5
  • After installation you need to code the vehicle requires coding
  • The sensors will be sent standard grounded gray - painting needed

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  • Complete set for retrofitting the original Park Assist (park steering assist PLA) including Park Pilot parking aid at the front and rear of the vehicle
  • ONLY for VW Touran vehicles from model year 2011
  • Detection of longitudinal and transverse parking spaces
  • The vehicle carries out the parking process independently
  • Optical parking aid VW OPS
  • Better distance estimation of obstacles by individual response of each individual sensor as well as visual representation of this distance change

Selectable options:

  • no PDC available
  • PDC rear available


  • cable sets
  • control part
  • sensors
  • button
  • buzzer


  • Only for vehicles with PR No .: 9Q5
  • After installation, the vehicle is to be coded. Please consult a VW partner or a specialist workshop with diagnostic software.
  • The sensors are delivered primed - painting required

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