OPS Optical Parking System Retrofit for VW Touran

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factory fitted Park Assist?:
  • Retrofit kit in order to upgrade the optical parking system VW OPS
  • Suitable for vehicles:
    • Already equipped with ParkPilot system on the rear of the vehicle
    • With factory fitted head unit VW RCD 310, RCD 510, RNS 510
  • Much better distance control through individual sensor feedback and optical display on screen

Selectable options:

  • with factory fitted Park Assist
  • without factory fitted Park Assist

Scope of Delivery:

  • Wiring Harness (depending on chassis number)
  • Control unit


  • The head unit VW RNS 510 has to have a software index of at least 1000
  • Redarding to the OPS function the head unit VW RCD 510 has to have part number 3C8 035 195
  • After installation you need to code the system. Please contact an VW dealer or workshop with diagnostic software

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  • Retrofit kit for the upgrade of the VW OPS optical parking aid for VW Touran
  • Fits for vehicles:
    • With existing ParkPilot system at the rear of the vehicle
    • With an existing Parklenkassisten (PLA) "Park Assist"
    • Equipped with radio navigation RCD 310, RCD 510, RNS 510
  • Better distance estimation to obstacles by individual response of each individual sensor as well as optical representation of this distance change

Selectable options:

  • with PLA (park assist assistant Park Assist) ex works
  • without PLA (park assist assistant Park Assist) ex works


  • Cable kit (depends on chassis number)
  • control part


  • The navigation RNS 510 must have at least a software version of 1000
  • OPS function with radio RCD 510 only with part no. 3C8 035195
  • After installation the vehicle has to be coded. To do so, please consult a VW Partner or a specialist dealer with diagnostic software

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