FISCON Bluetooth Handsfree for VW RCD 550

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FISCON Bluetooth Handsfree for VW RCD 550

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Model No: 38389
  • KUFATEC FISCON Bluetooth Hands Free Kit
  • Suitable for VW Touareg 7P equipped with radio RCD 550 
  • NOTE: In case the vehicle is NOT factory fitted with MDI (MEDIA-IN) you need to check whether the vehicle is fitted with an Infotainment Gateway or not. The VW dealer can check that while using VAS diagnostic machine (Address A7). In case address A7 is NOT available item number 38374 will be needed in addition (There is no need to additionally retrofit the MDI)
  • Suitable for almost all available Bluetooth mobile phones on the market
  • Range of functionality always depends on the mobile phone
  • Easy installation


  • Overall integration in the vehicle Infotainment systems
  • Automatic national language - auto set and display of the national language. Current available languages:
    • German
    • English
    • Spanish
    • Italian
    • French
    • Dutch
    • Portuguese
  • Audio response through the speakers of the vehicle - no installation of additional speakers necessary
  • A2DP* audiostreaming in order to play music files through the speakers of the vehicle
  • SMS* short messages
    • SMS reading, sending of ready made short messages
  • Guided operation by using:
    • Head unit RCD 550
    • Multifunctional steering wheel (if available)
    • DIS stalk switch (if available)
    • Factory fitted Driver information system 
  • Volume control regarding:
    • A2DP
    • Caller
    • Ring tone
  • Microphone adjustment (up to 30 db) through the cluster in order to optimize the voice quality
  • Software Updates always available
  • FISCON diagnostic access - While using VW/Audi diagnostic system VASthe following functions can be completed:
    • Check interface information (software index)
    • Completing an interface RESET (factory settings)
  • ICON display - In case of storing different numbers within one contact the specific icon will be displayed:
    • Mobile
    • Work
    • Private 
  • Display of provider as well as coverage*
  • Using of the following telephone functions*:
    • Phonebook browsing (limited to 1000 phonebook entries -  sub-entries included)
    • Placing, answering, ending a call
    • Volume control
    • A2DP
    • SMS
  • Mute
  • Best voice quality (even by high pace)

Scope of delivery:

  • Bluetooth Interface
  • Microphone
  • Wiring


  • *If supported from mobile phone
  • for vehicles from model year 2013 please contact us

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  • KUFATEC FISCON Bluetooth handsfree
  • Suitable for VW Touareg 7P with Radio RCD 550
  • NOTE: If the vehicle is NOT equipped with MDI (multimedia jack MEDIA-IN) at the factory, check whether the vehicle has an infotainment gateway. The VW partner can read this out using the VAS diagnostic tester (address A7). If the vehicle does NOT have address A7, additional item no. 38374 needed (the MDI itself does not need to be retrofitted)
  • Suitable for almost every Bluetooth mobile phone on the market
  • Range of functions is always dependent on the mobile phone

The advantages at a glance:

  • Total integration in the infotainment system of the vehicle
  • Recognition of the national language - this is automatically taken over and presented by the vehicle. Currently supported languages:
    • German
    • English
    • Spanish
    • Italian
    • French
    • Dutch
    • Portuguese
  • Voice output via the vehicle loudspeakers - no installation of additional loudspeakers necessary
  • A2DP * Audio streaming to play music files through the vehicle speakers
  • SMS * function
    • Read SMS, send pre-made short messages
  • Menu-driven operation via:
    • Radio RCD 550
    • Multifunction steering wheel (if available)
    • MFA rocker on the pitman arm (if available)
    • Multi-function display
  • Volume control regarding:
    • A2DP
    • interlocutor
    • ringtone
  • Microphone gain (up to 30 db) to optimize voice quality with FIS
  • Software updates unrestrictedly possible
  • FISCON diagnostic function - The VW-Audi diagnostic system VAS can be used to carry out the following applications:
    • Calling of telephone information (software index)
    • Interface RESET - Interface can be reset to factory settings
  • ICON display - When storing different numbers under one contact the following icons are displayed in the phonebook menu:
    • Mobile
    • job
    • Private
  • Display of the telephone provider and field strength *
  • Benefit of the following phone features *:
    • Calling up the phonebook entries (access to 1000 entries limited - sub-entries included)
    • Build, accept and end conversations
    • Volume Control
    • A2DP
  • mute
  • Best voice quality (even at high speeds)


  • Bluetooth interface
  • microphone
  • cableset


  • * If supported by the phone
  • for vehicles from model year 2013 - please inquire!

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