TPMS - Tire Pressure Monitoring harness for Audi TT 8J

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For orignal control unit:
  • Specific wiring in order to retrofit a tire pressure monitoring system for Audi TT 8J
  • Early warning system to reach a higher level of safety
  • You will optimize the tire wear and save fuel

Selectable options:

  • for original main unit: 8J0 907 273 A
  • for original main unit: 8J0 907 274

Scope of delivery:

  • Wiring 


  • Only for use in vehicles with driver information system (DIS)

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  • Specific cable set for retrofitting the original tire pressure monitoring (RDK) for Audi TT 8J
  • This intelligent early warning system offers more security for you and your passengers
  • Pressure monitoring of the wheels by pressure sensors in each wheel, in case of pressure loss the driver is warned acoustically and the affected wheel is displayed in the driver information system
  • Furthermore, you optimize your tire wear and fuel consumption

Selectable options:

  • For original control unit: 8J0 907 273 A
  • For original control unit: 8J0 907 274


  • cableset


  • Only for vehicles which have a driver information system (FIS)

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