APS Audi Parking System Plus Front Retrofit for Audi Q7 4L

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APS Audi Parking System Plus Front Retrofit for Audi Q7 4L

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model year:
  • Complete set for upgrading to audi parking system plus (APS) - front aps
  • This set upgrades an existing APS-system to APS-Plus with acoustic and optical display in the MMI system
  • Much better distance control

Selectable options:

  • until model year 2009
  • from model year 2010
  • from model year 2013

Scope of delivery:

  • Wiring
  • Control box
  • Sensors
  • Buzzer
  • Switch for center console


  • This set is only for upgrading car's that are already equipped with original audi rear parking sensors (7X1)
  • After installation the vehicle requires coding - please contact a local dealer
  • We  will perform this upgrade to your car. Feel free to contact us

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  • Complete set for retrofitting the parking aid Front (GSP +) - when the vehicle already has factory rear parking assistance for Audi Q7 4L
  • Acoustic support and visual representation in the MMI
  • Much better distance estimate to obstacles by individually addressing each individual sensor and visual representation of this distance change

Selectable options:

  • Until the 2009 model year
  • From model year 2010,
  • From 2013 model year


  • cordsets
  • control part
  • Sensors incl. Holder
  • Buzzers
  • Switch for center console


  • Suitable for vehicles from the factory with an original APS parking aid (7X1) are fitted at the rear
  • After installation vehicle coding is required - please contact your dealer

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