Audi side assist retrofit for Q3 8U

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Model No: 41425
  • EAN: 4250363330610
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  • weight: 0,10 KG
  • Mount time: 6 hrs.
  • No fitting instruction available

Product Options

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  • Complete set to retrofit the original Audi side assist
  • Intelligent technique for monitoring the traffic behind and beside the vehicle.
  • Warning of approaching vehicles or vehicles which are floating with the traffic.
  • The installed radar sensors (left and right site in the rear bumper) monitors the rear area and the area beside the vehicle from a speed of 30 km/h
  • The system measures the distance and the different speed between you and the other vehicles
  • Indicators in both exterior mirrors alert about critical situations

Scope of delivery

  • Wiring set
  • Radar sensors
  • Indicators for exterior mirrors
  • Button in the mirror triangle


  • After installation you need to code the vehicle. Please get in contact with your local Audi dealer or workshop.
  • The delivered hardware partly comes from test vehicles and went through a comprehensive functional test. The software is up to date.
  • The exterior mirror covers are not part of the delivery and need to be ordered separetly by using your chassis number

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  • Complete set for retrofitting the lane change assistant (Side Assist Audi) Audi Q3 8U
  • intelligent technology to monitor the blind spot and the traffic situation behind the vehicle
  • Warning of approaching or mitschwimmenden vehicles in the detection area
  • radar sensors to the right and left in the rear bumper to monitor the area is located behind or next to the vehicle from a speed of 30 km / h
  • the system measures the distance and the speed difference to other vehicles
  • Ads in both exterior mirrors warn of critical situations


  • cableset
  • radar sensors
  • Ads for Aussenspiegel
  • Button in the mirror triangle


  • After installation, the need to code. Please contact an Audi dealer or truss satellite consult with diagnostic software
  • The hardware can partially come from test vehicles and components passed several operation checks. The software is up to date.
  • the caps of the outside mirrors are not included, these must be ordered separately and painted by VIN

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