Cable set automatic headlight range control for Audi Q3 8U

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Cable set automatic headlight range control for Audi Q3 8U

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Electronic shock absorber?:
  • cable in order to retrofit Bi-Xenon headlights in connection with an automatic headlight range control
  • Xenon adapter as well as components (depends of House Features) for headlight range control are required in addition

Available options:

  • Vehicles with electronic damping control
  • Vehicles without electronic damping control

Scope of delivery:

  • cable set


  • Please indicate the above vehicle specific information
  • After installing the controllers are using the diagnostic ALWR to encode function
  • Excerpt from traffic regulations: Road Traffic Regulations, § 50, para 10
    • (10) Motor vehicles with headlights for high and low beams, which are equipped with gas-discharge lamps shall be fitted with 1 an automatic headlight leveling within the meaning of paragraph 8, 2 a headlight cleaning system and 3 be a system that ensures the constant Eingeschaltetsein the low beam and high beam when equipped
  • Please check whether the network control part accepted a xenon coding advance
  • Harness is also available for corning lights Headlights on request

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  • aLWR Cable set for retrofitting bi-xenon headlamps in conjunction with an automatic headlamp leveling system for the Audi Q3 8U
  • Xenon adapters and components (depending on equipment) for headlamp leveling are also required

Available options:

  • Vehicles with electronic damper control
  • Vehicles without electronic damper control


  • cableset


  • Please specify the above vehicle-specific information
  • After installation, the control units are to be coded by diagnosis to the aLWR function
  • Excerpt from StVZO: StVZO, §50 Abs. 10
    • (10) Motor vehicles with long and dipped-beam headlamps equipped with gas discharge lamps shall be equipped with 1. an automatic headlamp leveling system referred to in paragraph 8, 2. of a headlamp cleaning system and 3. a system which ensures that the dipped beam is always switched on, even in the case of high beam make sure you are equipped
  • Please check in advance whether the on-board control unit accepts xenon coding
  • Cable set is also available on request for bend headlights

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