TV Tuner Harness with Fiber Optic for Audi A8 4H

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TV Tuner Harness with Fiber Optic for Audi A8 4H

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Factory fitted DVD changer available?:
  • Specific set of cables for the retrofit of an original Audi TV receiver
  • Following components will be neede in addition:
    • Original TV receicer
    • Original TV antenna modules
    • Wiring for original antenna modules
  • Only for vehicles equipped with MMI 3G Navigation Plus
  • Easy installation of the TV receiver due to precise measured harness

Scope of Delivery:

  • Set of Cables
  • Fiber optic
  • Coaxial connector


  • After installation is done the vehicle must be recoded via diagnosis

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  • Specific cable kit for retrofitting an original Audi TV tuner for Audi A8 4H incl. Fiber optic cable
  • The following components are also required:
    • Original TV tuner
    • Original TV antenna modules
    • Cable set for antenna modules
  • Only for vehicles with MMI 3G Navigation Plus
  • Uncomplicated installation of the TV system due to the exact cable assembly

Selectable options:

  • DVD changer available ex factory
  • DVD changer does not exist ex factory


  • cableset
  • Cable set optical fiber
  • Coaxial connection


  • After the installation, the vehicle must be coded to the TV function by means of diagnostics

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